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Nordlinger PRO is a french designer and developer of products designed to the home organization and improvement.
Specialized in wood processing, Nordlinger PRO has also diversified by acquiring extensive experience on the transformation of metals and plastics. The company export 50% of his production to 15 countries.

Over 80 years of experience

have allowed Nordlinger PRO to become a leader in our field and we export 30% of our production to 15 countries.

Our products are aimed at the world of furniture,

panels and home improvement and have been designed to meet high technical requirements of the industrial, professional and DIY customers.

A strong investment policy

allows us to remain at the forefront in the production of ever more innovative products.



We conduct very strict and regular quality checks on our products to ensure their compliance with our commitment to you; as your trust is our greatest reward.


Create innovation is getting to know our future users, read their wishes and imagine their life tomorrow.


We like to learn from our customers-users and the fruits of our exchanges are the solutions we offer; solutions always closer to your expectations and your wishes.

Our sales team stands by your side to help and guide you ( sharp survey of rotations and merchandising). The store follow up is an asset for your growth strategy.


Every problem has a solution; our best service for you is our professionalism and responsiveness.


80 years



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HQ located in Barbezieux (France )


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